Glitter With a Difference

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

By Sylvia from Love Disfigure

Last month, Love Disfigure and Go Get Glitter collaborated on a photoshoot to challenge the perception of beauty with a playful glitter theme.  Sylvia from Love Disfigure who campaigns for people with health conditions, skin conditions and scars that affect their appearance wanted to bring some of the younger generation together as she understands what it was like being a young burn survivor and lacking confidence.  She said “When I create photoshoots, I like to introduce different people who are surviving on a similar life path through their differences and uniqueness. I particularly wanted to invite some young survivors so they could meet others similar to them and share their stories. I encourage the ladies to embrace their bodies and give them a platform to share their pictures so they leave feeling more confident and positive. The pictures always help bring out their confidence and allow them to find friends through my campaigns.”

Above photo is Sylvia From Love Disfigure.

Go Get Glitter founders, Holly and Sophia personally came along to share their glitter work on the ladies. 

The ladies were Mary Russell, Tara Hubbuck, Liberty James, Nichola McAvoy, Becky Dann, Charlotte Amy Louise and Sylvia Macgregor.

Photography by Paula Broome.

As a note from Amber Mag, we think it’s so important that all women feel represented and confident in their own skin. Shoots and events like this really make a difference and we feel so priveledged to be able to share these women’s beauty and individuality. Love Disfigure does such important work that should be celebrated, so please give your support, continue to love yourself and encourage other women to do the same.


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