Loving Love and Embracing All Women with Rosie Red Corsetry

An interview by Yinsey Wang

Rosie Dennington's spectacular gowns are breathtaking. The talented designer and entrepreneur started Rosie Red Corsetry on Valentine's Day six years ago and has not stopped creating with purpose ever since. She is also a brave voice in a myriad of others who are emerging to inspire others to embrace the beauty within. Her timeless, profoundly beautiful creations distill a unique brand of magic and in addition, they also celebrate the womanhood and beauty of the wearer, whatever their size. To her, love is a concept that transcends so much of the boundaries that societies use to define a person, and hence she is driven by a real enjoyment for designing wedding gowns. Published in magazines such as Vanity Fair and having worked with incredible women such as Helena Bonham Carter and dressed many brides, Rosie is not only accomplished in her craft but is also a game changer, rallying women to love themselves and take ownership for their achievements. In this exclusive interview with Amber Magazine, Rosie shares her wisdom on journeying through successes and hardship, as well as any lessons learnt over the years pursuing her passion. 

How did you start creating beautiful pieces and what prompted you to start this passion?

I have honestly always been creating. From being a young girl making costumes and outfits for myself and my dolls, it is always something I have loved. I sort of hate it when people say that because I think it sounds a bit smug, but it is true of me! It has always been my love. I started my business six years ago (on Valentine's Day), so I have been creating with 'purpose' since then. I knew I would not be making gazillions of pounds, but I did want a job that could fulfil my creativity, and give me a sense of purpose. You have accomplished so much and you have also been brave and open about sharing the hardships faced. What has helped you stay strong and also continue to refine your craft so wonderfully? I am very accepting that I am not the best. I think being humble is so important, and a quality quite a few people can lack. I also think that we are all works in progress, so both on a personal and professional level, I think it is actually quite nice to know we are always growing. I have a lot of perspective on life. I would say that is what helps me to stay strong and not let things get out of hand.

What is the one thing you wished your younger self knew that you know now? I wish I had known that fatphobia is a thing, and that the diet and beauty industry literally profits from our insecurities. I wish I had known that there was nothing wrong with how my body looked, and that I would be both fatter and happier. I would want her to know that we eventually do get a dog, and he is the greatest joy one could ever imagine.

You are an ambassador for embracing beauty in all shapes and sizes. Why do you think it is so important to share this message? I primarily create wedding gowns, and I love love. I love how love is so universal. It transcends race, gender, size, everything, all of it. I think in an industry that pitches thinness as the only way a bride can be, that it is vitally important to challenge this. I wish I had seen more women, more body types, more shapes growing up. I wish I had not equated being in love to being thin. It is nonsense.

If you could have anyone wear your designs who would it be? There are so many people that I would adore to dress. Helena Bonham Carter is my ultimate style icon, and I was able to dress her for Vanity Fair's September issue. This launched my business and gave me the boost I needed. Dressing her regularly would be a joy. However, right this second, I would love to dress Lizzo. What is the aspect you love most about creating the masterpieces you do? Firstly I am honoured for you to call them this! If I had to pick one favourite aspect, it would honestly be when they are finished. I love looking back and going 'yes, I did that'.

What has been the biggest inspiration in your journey so far and why? I have been asked this a few times. I used to feel really selfish about my answer, but I think that I inspire myself most. I am doing this for me, because we have no idea how long we get in life, and I would love to leave some tangible beautiful things on the earth. I am incredibly lucky to have a very supportive family and boyfriend. My friends mean the world to me too. People and animals are so important to me. Your creative style is easily described as iconic, dreamy and ethereal. How would you like it to be remembered?

Like this! I would like people to remember me as kind, and a business that focuses around kindness and beauty.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of these images have skin retouching and overall more editing due to the creative nature of the photography

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Interviewer: Yinsey Wang @tornandpolished

Rosie Red Corsetry

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