Nünude - Self Love, Diversity, Unity

Written by Amber Schormans / Amber Magazine

I had been following Nunude for a while on social media @nunude_official, and they always stood out to me as a brand that stands for true diversity. Not diversity in the sense of “let’s tick off these boxes to seem like we care” they genuinely do care. It’s the most diverse I have seen a clothing brand in a while and they are a champion for inclusivity and loving yourself as you are. In the current cut throat fashion world and ‘perfection’ climate, we need brands who care about you and your welfare. Everyone is accepted, everyone is beautiful and everyone is important.

I was so excited to receive an invite to their self love event last night. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect beforehand, I prefer to walk into things with an open mind and be surprised! The event was held in Shoreditch, opposite the Autograph ABP gallery in the Black & White Building. The walls were covered in body positive and diverse photoshoots and campaigns from Nunude, with such a wide range of beautiful women.

It was so lovely to see. The images included their triumph in changing the definition of ‘Nude’ in the Oxford dictionary. Also their recent fallen angels publicity stunt – in collaboration with @love_disfigure, 'embracing every body type'.

As well as this there were lots of motivational words all over the walls.

I also loved the chance we had to write down our strengths and what makes us beautiful. We don’t say these things to ourselves enough. We need to know and appreciate how incredible we are. I found this a really productive and positive way to do it! Would definitely recommend for any events in the future.

There were also opportunities to meet and network with lots of other likeminded women and entrepreneurs. There are so many women out there challenging societal norms and beauty standards, and I for one am so happy to be a part of that. Everyone we spoke to was so lovely and genuinely happy to be there and share in the positivity.

Now, the clothes and the catwalk. The women who walked the show modelling the clothes beautifully, were all so different and so empowering to watch. It was definitely a show of and for all. To see a short clip from the catwalk, check out one of our Instagram posts:


It was such a positive experience to see a brand representing diversity in such a way.

In one of the other rooms there was also a selection of clothes available to purchase. Coming in a variety of nude shades, they were all well-made, comfortable and reasonably priced. Of course, I had to snap up a dress myself!

Here's a link to the dress I purchased:


They have a discount code online ‘Diversity’ for 15% off! (great for any Christmas gifts - they also do gift cards)

So, love yourself and get shopping! It's so important to put your time and money into brands that know you matter and are striving for ALL women.

Here are some words from my lovely friend Shauna who also attended the event:

It’s rare to come across a brand that TRULY envelops diversity and acceptance, but NÜNUDE does precisely that. Walking through their Self Love event this weekend felt like walking through true life as we hope for it. Every person there encompassed their own brand of human entirely and with confidence. You did not feel lesser, you did not feel a need to compare yourselves to the bodies around you, you simply felt inspired and at peace. NÜNUDE are a fashion brand, but they are not merely following a ‘trend’ with their nude pieces, they are pushing for REAL change and REAL diversity and that shines through everything they put out into the world. From their high quality clothing pieces to their social media, diversity spills from every pore and picture and never feels disingenuous. I hope that we will continue to see NÜNUDE grow and create with more and more followers and ambassadors cheering along.