Nünude Unite Women on IWD

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Written by Amber Schormans / Amber Magazine

Nünude is gracing our blog posts once more, this time with their incredible publicity stunt on International Women's Day. All kinds of women strutted around central London showing thousands what beauty looks like. Beauty is inclusive, beauty is diverse and beauty is you.

Nünude are known for being inclusive, they even changed the meaning of the word 'nude' in the Oxford dictionary so it represented all skin tones. Brands like this are so important in our modern world of normalised excessive retouching, narrow representation and impossible beauty standards. Every day we are subliminally somehow told that we are not good enough, and that we need to change ourselves. The brands and organisations that do this are simply not worth our energy. Nor are brands who use the words 'diverse' or 'body positive' purely to increase their profit, when they clearly either do not care to be or have ever made a real effort to be truly inclusive.

Nünude are amongst the few that do truly care, I have spoken to the woman who runs the brand (Joanne) and she is such a genuine and thoughtful person. Everything she does, she does with a passion to benefit and inspire the 'everyday' woman. Nünude is all about truly positive and diverse representation.

All girls and women deserve to feel beautiful, and it is so important that this event was organised in order to remind us of this. The energy and love in that space was something truly unique. We need to be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down. Our differences make us stronger, not weaker. These are phrases we need to be saying and meaning a lot more often. Other women are not our competitors, we need to re-learn that it is possible to acknowledge other women's beauty without doubting our own. Events where this is celebrated are what the women of the world need to be seeing. It means so much to me to be able to see the happiness and love throughout these images. Diverse and real goddesses who are loudly celebrating themselves and supporting others is so unbelievably inspiring. *Cue Beyoncé's Flawless*...

Diversity is not a trend. Diversity is reality. Diversity is needed in representation. Women want and need to feel represented and be able to wholeheartedly love who they are for them. This celebration of self love and empowerment will not be soon forgotten. What better way to celebrate international women's day than to publicly celebrate so many women for who they are? You are you for a reason and you deserve to feel confident in your own skin, mind and body. Let these incredible women be a reminder that you deserve to celebrate yourself, everyday.

"Our differences will unite us, not divide us."



Above photography by @TristanKassam

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Below photography by @RodneyPedroza