Ten Positive Accounts that Will Help You Love Yourself

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Written by Amber Schormans / Amber Magazine

Now, we’ve all heard the stats about the negative impact social media can have on our self confidence and mental health. But I can honestly say that since removing accounts that make me doubt myself, and only following positive, truthful and real accounts my self confidence has significantly improved. I don’t think we often realise subconsciously just how much seeing other people that look like us actually makes a difference. And not just like us, like your bestie, like your mum, like your sister, like the woman on tv, like the drunken gal in the bathroom who said your hair looked ’like so beautiful omg!’. Beauty is not confined to one type of body, colour, look, shape, ethnicity or anything in between. So why should your Insta be? The great thing about it is, it is completely up to you who you follow. You can create your own curated space of diversity and positivity.

So I have put together a small list of must-follows for you that will hopefully make you feel good about yourself, as they have me.


How could we not mention our latest cover gal?!

Lotte is also a photographer, so her self portraits are truly on point. Her words also resonate with so many in embracing who you are and discussing how bigger bodies need far better and far more representation.


Nia is an incredible woman who travels a lot, beautifully documenting her physical and personal journey‘s along the way. Last year she cut all of her hair off and decided that it was something she would not be defined by. From her Instagram alone you can tell what a beautiful and kind soul she is, who truly cares. Her confidence is contagious!


I had the priviledge of meeting Billie last year (who is also featured in issue 6), and she is such a genuine, lovely and kind person. She’s also very open about her life and self confidence journey with IBD and a stoma bag. Coming from someone who didn’t know much about these things, she’s really opened my eyes and shown myself and many others what IBD really is like to live with. Give Billie a follow for some real openess and inspiration!


Sonny’s an incredible model from the UK who is always keeping it real. She is always talking openly about how our bodies change, and how posing and angles also make things look different. She’s all about embracing her own and every other body. Her features in campaigns are very positive, diverse and a general inspiration to see. You go Sonny!


Kelly is all about recovery, self love and being unapologetically herself. She is a real inspiration in taking that pressure off and enjoying and embracing your natural being. With so much advice and self love inspiration, she’s easily in our top 10!


Kitty is a model based in London who also speaks a lot about body acceptance and how all our bodies are so different - and that it's a good thing, not a bad one! Kitty is someone who has worked with Amber Mag before in our diversity shoot and the #AmberMagFreeFace campaign. Her words always resonate with me in honesty and constantly inspire me to love myself more.

(If you also love doggo’s and think they’re too precious for this world, Kittys your gal)


Again Nyome is another incredible woman who I am lucky enough to know personally, who has also contributed to the magazine on multiple occasions. She is changing representation for the better and is not afraid to speak her truth. Nyome's modelling career is also really taking off! Definitely an amazing woman who is not one to miss, i'm confident she'll be next level famous before you know it.


Creator of #SaggyBoobsMatter and author of ‘What a Time to Be Alone’, Chidera is constantly moving onwards and upwards, uplifting other women along the way. She has such a powerful voice and always speaks up on important issues. Feminism, beauty standards or the male gaze, she’s got you. "There is literally no wrong way to have a body"!


Her IG bio pretty much sums up the first words to mind, (Role) Model & Surviver. Her fashion, blog and visuals are strikingly interesting, and she’s definitely an influencer making a difference. She's inspirational for too many reasons to list here, but here is the type of message she's putting out there:

This is a quote she found and put on a caption to someone who asked her for help in accepting their appearance - “It is imperative to remember that self-love and self-acceptance have nothing to do with your physical appearance. It’s about the emotional peace and balance that you get by being in a healthy mental, spiritual, and physical state” May your best days be yet to come! -Mama Cax


Annie is all about self acceptance and deconstructing beauty standards and diet culture. It’s really helpful to understand why we may feel the way we do about ourselves, it often makes it easier to rebuild our confidence that way. Annie has a way with words, and I guarentee you can relate.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope these incredible women have a positive influence on your social media world.


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