Order the last few printed copie of issue 7 here, or take a look at our stock list. 128 pages full of powerful content gathered from artists all over the world. There is a variety of honest and inspirational stories and imagery, featuring works from @bodyposipanda / @studiosugarsugar, @sophiemayanne & @billieandersonx to name a few.


The magazine is produced by one woman with the mind-set that all readers can relate and it is a 'beauty' retouching free space. Women of all shapes, colours and looks simply embracing their natural selves. As well as all things that make us unique such as stoma bags, alopecia & vitiligo, we want YOU to feel represented and inspire self-love.




Amber Magazine Issue 7

  • 8.25" x 10.75", 128 pages, perfect bound. Full colour with gloss laminationed cover.